Drawing the Essential

The Estate is one of the rarest private exploitation in Crete to be equiped with its own mill.

We press our olives, on the estate, at our mill built in the heart of our land in order to guarantee an excpetionnal product and to ensure constant and diligent control over the entire production.

The entire stainless steal installation, scrupulously respects industrial hygiène and working standards to comply with those of the EU concerning the PDO.

The mill and the installation also comply with the standards set by the state controlled label AGROCERT.



Our mill combines tradition and modern technology. Banning centrifugation Koronekes®, an authentic natural olive oil, is produced using only gentle methods that do not alter the intrinsic qualities of the olivesand to protect all the volatile flavours and aromas that give our oil its quintessential taste.

The architecture of the mill itself respects this principle. Our mill is built with three storeys uses the natural force of gravity for directing our olive oil from the press to the vats and from the vats to our bottling installation.

About 8 kilometres of stainless steal tubes are used to dispacth our oils into 750 litre vats to be clarified before bottling.

Our production methods ensure the exceptional quality of Koronekes® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is artisanally bottled on the estate. Each bottle is numbered and boasts the PDO label of the Archanes region, a guarantee of its superior quality.