Drawing the Essentials


At an altitude of approximately 200 meters, our small olive groves, form geometrical patches on the flanks of the rolling hills, between the ruins of Knossos and the village of Archanes. All within the perimeter of the Archanes PDO, they cover approximately 18 ha.


Our 2500 olive trees, on average 80 years old, bloom in the white chalky, well drained soil, far more prized than the red for the cultivation of olive trees. We cultivate only one type of olive the Koroneïkes variety. Thus this single varietal oil has distinctive characteristics of its own.

The conduct of the exploitation lies on a respectfull planning around the environment and towards an integrated farm management.

Fertilisations are strictly controlled and moderated according to the olive trees' needs. In order to preserve them from the scorching summer heat we irrigate with a drip system tailored to meet their needs. No water is wasted through evaporation or run-off.

We parcel up, prune, irrigate the groves, which taken care all year round, will bring under control the yields.

The purpose is the respect of the tree and its fruit in order to draw the essentials.