The very essence of our production

From the tree to the bottle we take the utmost care in the production and preservation of the natural aromas of our two qualities of olive oil.

Genuine juice from the olive fruit, our Koronekes Run-Off olive oil reflects the soul of our entreprise and our philosophy of excellency. Produced with passion, our olive oil is all the best the soil with the hand of man can offer you.

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Process: Obtained during the crushing of the olives and before any mechanical press, the run-off oil is the pure juice of

the olives that seeps out of the olive paste naturally, while the mats are being stacked for the press.

Characteristics: We parcell up the olive groves to strengthen the selection. The “psiloélies” destined to become run-off oil

are selected from our best groves and sorted by hand at the mill. Inversely 4 kilos of olives are pressed to produce one litre

of a classic extra virgin oil.

Our run-off oil is not filtered but naturally decanted to separate the oil from its own water and to avoid any residue.

Unrivalled our run-off oil is a surprising delight even for the finest palates. Its oleic acidity level is extremely low, year after year, varying slightly between 0.25- 0.35% on average.

Annual production: 10 to 15 % of the total harvest.

Tasting notes: Tasty, unctuous, the oil reveals a fresh, vibrante and vegetal nose of freshly cut herbs, proportionate aromas of green apple, artichoke and tomato leaves. Balanced in mouth, ample, long, expressive and slightly peppery, the run-off oil expresses the purity of flavours of the fruit.

Uses: Only for seasonning.

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