Tradition and Modernity

Koronekes® Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed. Our mill is equipped with a hydraulic press and stainless steel mats, which combine modern technology with ancestral custom to guarantee a true first cold press extraction without water added. In this way all the authentic aromas of our oil are preserved, our oil is not filtered.

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Process: The olive paste, is spread over on stainless steal mats, and then pressed at 400 atmosphere.

Characteristics: The olives are beat down with pols and sorted out by hand at the meal. Contrary to other commercial extra virgin oils Koronekes® Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed also requires more kilos of olives than other olive oils. We use more than 5 kilos of olive to produce one liter. it is unfiltered to preserve the aromas. Bottled by hand on the estate. The oleic acidity is comprised between 0,4 and 0,5 %.

Annual production: 85 to 90% of the harvest.

Tasting notes: Rounder than the run-off olive oil. Less spicy, this oil is expressive and finishes on blazing note, fresh and peppery. Vegetal, from its flavours emanate aromas of apple and hay.

Uses: For cooking and seasonning. (stay stable until 180/190°C).