Detailed Perfection

The harvest starts with the first rains of mid-november and can last until the beginning of January. Koronekes is a single varietal oil exclusively made from « psiloélies » olives, belonging to the Koroneïkes family. Nos fruits sont travaillés avec douceur afin de garantir un produit de première qualité, unique et distingué.

  • The olives are hand picked at their optimum degree of ripeness.

  • The olives are taken to the mill for pressing within just a few hours of being picked in order to prevent any fermentation that can quickly occur in stored or stacked olives. Then lightly washed with tepid water before they are manually sorted out in order to eliminate any olives that don’t meet our standards, and the elimination of branches, twigs or other impurities.
  • The olives are crushed whole, pit and all, then mixed and malaxated to form a homogenous paste. In order to avoid oxidation of the paste there is a time limit between the crushing, the malaxation and the final spreading of the paste on the mats.
  • The paste, a mixture of pulp and pit, is poured onto stainless-steel mats that are stacked as they are put on the press. Oil naturally seeps out, dripping down from the mats even before the pressing begins. Through natural decantation, without centrifugation, that destroys the natural flavours, our oil preserves all its volatile flavours and the natural aroma of the olive.
  • After the period of natural decantation the clarification of our oil takes place in 30 small, 750 litres vats per parcels, age and maturity, allowing a very precise selection before bottling a masterful blend of our different olive groves.
  • We use gravity to artisanally bottled our oils at the mill, on the estate. Our bottles are numbered and carry the PDO and AGROCERT labels as guarantee of the region’s quality produce. Our bottles mention the date of production; our oil has a recommended life span of two years.
  • Before it can be marketed, Koronekes® undergoes a chemical analysis and an organoleptic test according to the directives of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture.