Detailed Perfection

Koronekes® aims to be in harmony with Nature and the environment.

Our objectif is to bring to you a natural and healthy product having undergone careful handling from the tree to the bottle. Strictly controlled production methods allow no additives at any stage of the process.

In order to preserve our trees from the scorching summer heat we irrigate with a drip system tailored to meet the olive trees’ needs. No water is wasted through evaporation or run-off.

We protect our olive trees against the olive fly in a natural way with the products that have been approuved by the EU.

Fertilisations are controlled and moderated according to the tree's needs. Most of the fertiliser we use is natural and comes from the olive paste itself that we call "Pyrina". Once totally dry, the paste can be spread into the fields.


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Similarly we contribute to the improvement of the soil (stable humus) by not weeding our groves.

This technique is in fact a natural process that curbs erosion and has proved beneficial for the development of favorable micro-organisms, contributing to an integrated weed control.

Thus, after a winter pruning the olive trees are strengthened by this natural fertilizer absorbing the available nitrogen released by the clover that grows between the trees.