Detailed Perfection

Olive oil production is subject to precise and clear legislation established by the European Union. The oils with the most unique flavours are recognized and protected by a system of valuation and by the Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) label put into place in 1992, by a CEE regulation, n° 356/92. In July 2009, a new reglementation has deepen the legislation concerning the origins of olive oils.


While European legislation justly imposes strict mesures to be followed, our production methods are based on an elemental principle. To begin the fine quality of our olives is the best guarantee of a superbe olive oil.

For this reason we go beyond the EEC regulations concerning the PDO, by picking and selecting the olives by hand, by shortening the time between the picking and the pressing from 3 days to aproximately 3 hours, in order to prevent any fermentation of the fruit. The selection of our olives by hand ensures that less than 1% of the olives can be damaged by the olive fly instead of the 5% allowed by European legislation.

Our oil is naturally separated from its water by the force of gravity instead of by a centrifuge that destroys the freshness and sublime palette of tastes in fine olive oil.

Finally while the EU allows the use of water up to 30°C during the extraction of the oil, we have opted for a « pure juice » oil that is the natural healthy result of a mechanical process, with no heating and no additives.